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Before contacting support, please refer to Governing documents - Customer Agreement and Regulations implementation of trading and non-trading operations.

You need to register on the Company's website, follow the instructions, and to recharge the one proposed in the Personal Cabinet of ways.
Working conditions published on the Company website in the section, "Customer Agreement".
Interest is accrued at the end of the trading day for all the money on the trading account.
The profit is paid at the end of each working day for the entire Deposit and the profit for the previous trading day, i.e. you gain profit.
The earnings data are published in the statistics of return on the Company's website.
The minimum Deposit 50 USD, the maximum amount not limited.
The withdrawal request can be submitted at any time in the Personal Cabinet.
Withdrawal time from 1 to 5 business days minimum withdrawal amount is 0.01 USD.

Currently available Deposit with the help of

Perfect Money.



Advanced Cash

Partner bonus is accrued at the end of the trading day in the amount of 10% of the profits referrals.
No, partners can be any number, but it is prohibited to bring in the quality of referrals of members of the same family, as it is written in Regulations.

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