Regulations on trading and non-trading operations.

1. Minimum Deposit is 50 USD.

2. Deposit perpetual, withdrawal or part of the Deposit at any time.

3. The term of the Deposit depends on the method of Deposit. When funds go to the expense of the Company, they are displayed in the dashboard with the status "processing".

4. Funds are credited to the trading account on the next business day after receipt at the Company's expense.

5. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 0.01.

6. The period of withdrawal from 1 to 5 working days.

7. The company does not charge additional fees for the operation of I/o resources.

8. The Commission payment systems is borne by the Investor.

9. Daily market capitalization of each working day profits on the balance of the Deposit together for the profit.

10. Even if the Company trading day will be unprofitable, the Investor will be assessed a minimum profit of 0.1%.

11. The profit is less than 0.01 USD is not charged.

12. Calculation of profit occurs at the end of the working day.

13. The same percentage of deposits for all investors, regardless of the amount of the contribution.

14. Referral bonus is 10% of referral profit.

15. It is forbidden to have as referrals members of the same family. In case of detection of such cases, the referral will be disabled and the referral bonus will be forfeited and deducted from the account, including income accrued on referral bonus.

16. It is forbidden to have multiple accounts, if any are found, the accounts will be blocked until the circumstances and profits will not be provided.

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